Useful Resources

Autism Spectrum Quarterly supports awareness and programs in community. Check out the list of Autism resources for more information.

Autism Source – Since the Autism Source was established in 2004, the organization strives to offer only the best reliable resources in the United States. It is through the relationships with other professionals and organizations in autism that the source continues to grow. Here you can find the best autism-related services based on location and service type in the country.

Ability Network – The Abilities Network is a non-profit organization that helps to assist people with autism to achieve their goal as well as reach their potential in society. The services are provided to individuals and families as the organization provides training opportunities, child care, education and communities.

Baltimore Autism Society – The Baltimore Autism Society is an excellent organization that is well known for advocating and supporting families with autism. The organization spreads awareness in providing the latest information and services. The Baltimore is also one of the new organizations that have active members of the board with autism.

Autism Speaks – As the largest autism science organization in the country, the goal of Autism Speaks is to change the future of those who are impacted by autism. The organization is dedicated to raising awareness, funds for research and support families with autism.

Autism Service Dogs of America – Autism Service Dogs of America is a non-profit organization that provides service dogs to serve the needs of individuals with autism.