top 8 recommended apps for kids with autism 

Using education apps for children with autism is proven to be beneficial in the child’s social and educational development. Apps will help children to take their lessons everywhere they go and help aid in the generalisation of skills. 

Technology has revolutionised the way children with autism communicate and learn. Apps have been proven to provide multiple approaches to teaching at a different pace and setting. Apps can help provide as visual structure and language to encourage communication. It is vital that everyone involved in the child’s life stays consistent, especially when using the same activities. 

Here are the top eight recommended apps for kids with autism. 

1. Doodle Buddy

The Doodle Buddy app allows children to draw, write, scribble, colour on a blank surface, and upload photos. You can personalise the canvas with stamps, bubbles, and stencils. The app allows more opportunities than just an average drawing app. It provides an open space for creativity and skills for gameplay. 

Doodle Buddy comes with a variety of background and images along with interactive games including hangman and tic-tac-toe. There are other impressive features for kids to enjoy like mazes and connect-the-dots. 

Children will develop their fine motor, creativity, writing and imagination skills. 

2. Dreampad

The dreamy app uses a special pillow that is embedded with transducers to play calming music with vibration. This app helps to promote calmness and sleep hygiene. 

During a study on kids with autism, fifteen participants showed the improvements of sleep duration, night waking, and even helped to improve behaviour during the daytime. The app is free-of-charge. However, the pillow is over $150. 

3. Pictello

Pictello is a creative way to visual development stores and interactive books as each page in a Pictello store provides a picture, video and text. You can record your voice and sounds as well as use natural sounding voices. 

The app can help teach help children remember events, learn social skills, and develop communication in non-verbal children. 

4. The Social Express

The Social Express is an online interactive app that addresses the core d areas of education deficiency, social, and overall success for children. It uses quality visual and interactive presentations and animated characters to help allow children to practice interaction and social skills. 

5. Agnitus

The Agnitus app provides a variety of interactive games that focus on matching shapes, letters, colours and self-help skill management. Your kids will love playing the bath time game that teaches hygiene skills such as brushing your teeth and bathes. 

Most of the games feature mischievous characters that track the performance level of the child. You can receive a report card that provides a report on the completed skills to help determine the strengths and weaknesses. 

With the Agnitus app, children will benefit from developing letters, fine motor, memory, math, recognition, and number skills. 

6. Nick Jr. Draw and Play

With Nick Jr. Draw and Play, kids, can create their work of art by choosing a large variety of backgrounds. You can find all the favourite Nickelodeon characters like Team Umizoomi and Dora the Explorer. You can decorate the page with colour tools like chalk, brushes, and crayons as well as special effects like splatter-tops, fireworks, and animated stickers. 

Children will enjoy the options of drawing and colouring while developing creativity, imagination, writing, and fine motor skills. 

7. Pop Math

Pop Math is a top favourite app as well as the Wired Kids Choice Award app that introduces essential addition that makes it fun for kids to enjoy. There are six pairs of coloured bubbles along with equations and answers to find. Children will enjoy popping the correct pairs of problems to help them advance to the next level. 

Children can develop math, numbers, and fine motor skills with the Pop Math app. 

8. Toca Boca

With Toca Boca, children can enjoy role play by playing as a Toca Doctor to examine a patient and apply a bandage. You can also send out invitations and throw a Toca part while styling hair at the Toca hair salon. 

The Toca Boca app series offers user-friendly apps with real-life scenarios that will allow children to create their share of stores. The apps provide great role play, interaction and characters that make the game all the more enjoyable. 

With the Toca Boca series, children can develop social, math, imagination, and money handling skills. 

Got any other apps you can recommend to parents with autistic children? Let a comment below and tell us what you think!