best 9 books for kids with autism

Reading books are an excellent way to share and play with your children. They allow you to get close in adventure and learn powerful lessons that should stay with your kids for the rest of their lives. For families who struggle to understand the concept of autism and what to teach her children, reading books are the best place to begin. 

Here are the best nine books for kids and families with autism. 

My Brother Charlie by Holly Robinson Peete & Ryan Elizabeth Peete

My Brother Charlie is an amazing story that describes a sister and her brother named Charlie, with autism. Based on a true story, a girl experiences a life lesion with her ten-year-old brother as the story gives us an up close and personal insight in autism. The story helps kids to understand the condition that makes it harder to express themselves and make friends. 

Since We’re Friends by Celeste Shally

Since We’re Friends is about two charming boys as one boy has autism. The story of friendship provides examples how to build friendships and to help kids see how those with autism are still able to have fun and enjoy games. 

Tacos Anyone? By Marvie Ellis

The story is about a young boy named Michael with autism. Thomas, his big brother had a hard time trying to figure out the reasons why his brother Michael behaves differently. The siblings then visit a therapist who teaches them how they can play together and make playtime fun. The bilingual book is beautifully illustrated and written for children, parents, families, and those who are involved with children with autism. 

Why does Izzy Cover Her Ears? By Jennifer Veenendall

The charming book is about a girl named Izzy, who is an energetic first-grader. Her behaviour is always misunderstood among others as she attempts to deal with her overload on sensory in their surroundings. The story provides bright illustrations to create a welcoming environment that accepts students with difficulties in sensory modulation. 

The Autism Acceptance Book by Ellen Sabin

This is an educational book that is interactive and builds character in children. The book introduces younger kids to the struggles and challenges that individuals with autism face every day. The story also tells us the journey towards respecting and appreciating the differences in people. 

Autism, the Invisible Cord by Barbara S. Cain

The story is about a fourteen-year-old girl named Jenny who describes her daily life with brother Ezra, with autism. She considers her brother as her friend and biggest challenge to live a healthy life. Jenny finds herself always worrying about Ezra. 

Jenny learns about her strength and character as she takes care of her brother and a special project at school. She ends up shining despite the challenges the siblings face. 

Understanding Samantha: a sibling’s perspective of Autism by Dustin Daniel

The heartwarming story is about a boy named David and his older sister, Samantha, with autism. He learns the life lessons to understand their differences and similarities they share. She then helps her deal with her hardships. 

He grows to have a better understand of sensory sensitivity issues and helps readers gain a better perspective of the condition. The characters are based on the author’s children, one who has high-functioning autism/Asperger syndrome. 

The story was made to shed light on the condition in a way that many outside the immediate family might not always see. 

Autism Is….? Series by Ymkje Wideman-van der Laan

The author dedicates the series to her grandchild with autism. She wrote five stories to help her grandchildren understand the concepts and teach safety rules, how to face significant behaviour challenges, and understand others’ feelings. 

It was first created when her grandson didn’t understand the sense of danger and would run off without looking. The storybook series is for children with autism to help them gain a better understanding; information, encouragement, and help care providers explain things in a loving and easier way. 

Got any favourite books about autism that you want to share with us? Have you read these books already? Which ones are your favourites? Comment below and tell us what you think!