Autism Spectrum Quarterly is a monthly digital publication that supports those in the Autism community. Whether your journey in autism with someone you love has just begun or further along the path, Autism Spectrum Quarterly will help to inspire, support and motivate you and your family.

Every month, Autism Spectrum Quarterly provides the latest news and development in autism treatments and care from all over the world. We provide necessary in-depth research from scientists, therapists, adults, and parents with expert knowledge in autism advice.

Autism Spectrum Quarterly offers well-written personal stories that will make you think, laugh, and feel inspired about others who are living with autism just like you. We aim to provide a vast spectrum of all aspects starting from infancy to adulthood.

Here you will find tried and tested therapy for the youth, puberty blues for the teenage years, the best nutrition, and advice on adult life, such as education, work, playtime and more.

Autism Spectrum Quarterly embraces the power of technology as our magazine strives to come alive and offer online support services for our readers. We provide an interactive experience as our autism support network will allow you to read and share stories through media such as letters, images, and videos.

Autism Spectrum Quarterly is devoted to promoting and fostering work and programs to help the autism community as we strive to grow the world that supports the cause. We believe that building a strong autism support community can help you and others who are travelling along similar paths.