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The Importance of Establishing Rituals for Children with Autism

Whether formal or informal, rituals have the power to infuse routines with meaning, create a sense of belonging, and increase comfort level and competence.

How to Advocate for Your Child’s Free Appropriate Public Education

We are delighted to welcome back special educator and parent of a child with ASD, Dr. Marquis C. Grant, to discuss the important issue of advocacy.

Imagine This: A New Way to Think about College Students on the Spectrum

Carolyn Ogburn and Dr. Evelyn S. Chiang use a creative “imagine this” format to provide insights into the relationship between thoughts and actions and its implications for teaching students with ASD.

lluminations – An Essay

Angela M. Maracle provides readers with an insider’s illuminating view of parenting a child with ASD.

Meet ASQ’s “Kids on the Cover” Contest Finalists

ASQ is delighted to introduce readers to the “fab five” finalists in our 10th annual “Kids on the Cover” contest.

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Welcome to Autism Spectrum Quarterly OnlineThe MAGAJOURNAL®

Your Gold Standard Autism Resource. A publication with a concept and mission so unique we had to coin a brand new term to describe it, the Autism Spectrum Quarterly MAGAJOURNAL® combines the best of both worlds—the readability and interest of a MAGAZINE with the substance and depth of a professional JOURNAL. You’ll find high-interest articles on a variety of topics ranging from intervention ideas, family issues, interviews, book and product reviews, to cutting-edge, user-friendly research information and the “bottom line” implications you need to translate research theory into effective intervention practices. Exceptional authors, knowledgeable editors, and timely and important information make ASQ the most trusted, respected, and unique publication of its kind in the field of autism spectrum disorders.

Exciting Highlights of ASQ’s Spring 2015 “Kids on the Cover” contest issue!

Dr. Kathleen I. Harris brings her expertise in early childhood education and children's spirituality to bear on the important and little-discussed subject of how routines exert a positive influence in the lives of children.


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The interactive, digital version of ASQ is now available on ALL MAJOR DIGITAL PLATFORMS! The Autism Spectrum Quarterly app is FREE, and there is a sample complimentary issue (spring 2013) that can be downloaded by friends, family members, and professionals who are not current subscribers and would like to view a trial issue. Readers may purchase both single digital issues of ASQ as well as digital subscriptions via the Autism Spectrum Quarterly app. While we will continue to offer a choice of digital and print versions of ASQ, we urge readers to download the free app in order to take advantage of “breaking news” alerts and special, supplemental digital issues of ASQ. Downloading the app is simple. For additional information on this, as well as ASQ digital’s interactive and Clipping features, click to go to the  About ASQ  page.

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Science News in Each Issue of ASQ

In addition to our up-to-the minute NewsBriefs that keep you current in the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee, you’ll find our research news columns timely and informative.

The Cutting Edge

Provides in-depth coverage and analysis of important information from the scientific community, and includes a Connecting the Dots commentary section to help you translate theory into practice.

Research Newsdesk

Comprehensive coverage of late-breaking news and bottom-line information from the scientific community

Research Briefs

Want a sneak peak of promising research? You’ll find ABSTRACTS covering scientific studies of interest to the autism community with links for obtaining additional information.

Call for Research Subjects

You'll find recruitment announcements that not only keep you up-to-date on the latest research studies, but also give you the option to participate in cutting-edge science

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ASQ fills a critical gap in the science-to-parent connection, by bringing science to parents in terms they can understand, and by bringing parents to scientific studies to advance progress. Help for families and individuals with ASD could be so much farther ahead if scientific advances could make their way to the front lines. ASQ is there to make this happen. Thanks ASQ!

Nancy J. Minshew, M.D., Professor of Psychiatry & Neurology, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

One of the most outstanding resources in the field of autism—informative, reliable, and reader-friendly! From the beautiful covers that always capture my attention, to the content that holds it, ASQ  secures and expands the bridge between research and practice, ultimately bringing parents, professionals, and people with ASD closer to one another. To state it simply, ASQ is the best!

Carol Gray, Director, The Gray Center for Social Learning and Understanding Developer of Social Stories™

I just finished reading the current ASQ (with Geri Dawson on the cover). Your magazine is so interesting to read. It’s really wonderful how you are able to combine serious science with parent priorities. I’ve recommended ASQ to many parents who have written to me for ASD information. Time to renew—I’ll look forward to future issues!

The late Dr. Edward Carr Leading Professor, Dept. of Psychology State University of NY, Stony Brook

In this age of instant messaging and email, a quarterly is not usually a “happening place” for news. But Autism Spectrum Quarterly breaks that mold! With its “Newsbriefs” and research summaries, ASQ  does an incredible job of delivering the latest research findings so that parents and professionals can keep current.

Alison Singer, President, Autism Science Foundation

Part of attracting research participants is about good communication, and your journal is, I think, a fantastic example of that; helping parents to understand what we’re doing; why we’re doing it; and why it’s important... I love your publication. I always look forward to reading it, and I always put it in our waiting room at UW.

Geraldine Dawson, Ph.D., 
Chief Science Officer, Autism Speaks

Coach Calhoun loved the article and the notes from Jeff, Amy, Jim, Jen, and the grandkids. I read the article too. You did a fabulous job and really captured what the Calhoun family is all about. You should be very proud of your work! Great job!

Kathy Swanson, Assistant to Jim Calhoun, Head Coach, University of Connecticut Basketball Team

Julie and I really appreciate having ASQ as a resource we can point parents toward. We’re impressed that ASQ  offers really helpful information to everyone from parents dealing with new diagnoses to autism spectrum “veterans”.

Dan Coulter, 
Coulter Video; Parent

I have been a regular reader of ASQ for some time now and it never fails to deliver! There is such a range of articles—from personal stories, the latest scientific research, and advice for parents, to articles by leading specialists in autism, interviews, and the list goes on. I recommend it for parents and professionals alike.

Yvonne Wilson, London, England; Parent of two teens on the spectrum; Co-editor of Autism Us

I received the spring 2007 issue of ASQ recently and I was so impressed by the high quality of all the articles, including the one you wrote on my work. In fact, I’m mailing in my subscription request today. You are providing a terrific service to the autism community.

The late Dr. Edward Carr Leading Professor, Dept. of Psychology State University of NY, Stony Brook

ASQ is an absolutely wonderful magazine. It’s the best autism magazine and none of the other magazines can even come close.

Kim Stanley, Autism Info Group — Founder/Advocate Bloomington, Minnesota

Many thanks for a first class edition! Every single article had direct relevance either to my own research or practice, or to those of my students or parents. I’ve torn the copy to bits to pass along these wonderful pieces!

Rita Honan, Ph.D., BCBA Senior Lecturer & Course Coordinator, Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland

The fall 2006 issue had a great range of input, perspectives and ideas for grandparents, parents, and others. Material such as this can make a tremendous difference in people’s lives. Great job!

Dan Coulter, Coulter Video/Parent

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